Artist Statement

We are surrounded by the erosion of nature, of historic buildings, of unrivaled cultures, and of a once populous wildlife. Our home place experiences incessant chance, brought on by nature and human and human intervention. In this course of progress, our civilization has witnessed the disappearance of once plentiful vocations, sprawling landscapes, and historic traditions. This theme of vanishing occurs naturally as well, in the changing seasons and in the altering of the weather. There is something about the aged that evokes a sense of home, a realization that old buildings, landmarks, and landscapes are apart of us.  

Through my artwork, I take images based on landscapes, architecture, and wildlife and use them to show the fading away of social traditions and vistas as an ode to what was, whether permanent or temporary. My work also involves the juxtapositions between idyllic images of nature, and visual fragments of the sometimes raw, unpolished aspects of society and culture. My paintings focus on textures and abstract color compositions. The use of discreet and bold colors brings a sense of exploration and curiosity to the painting. Through printmaking, I portray real scenes from life by way of personal photographs. My objective with the use of black and white inks on the prints is to focus and amplify the simplistic power of the subject, which may not always be recognized in color. As we continue growing, expanding and moving forward in society and culture, we must inevitably carry with us the recollections of what once was.